Bitch I may b, but that seat's 4 me!

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Christiansburg, Virginia | Woman Seeking A Man

Basic Information

First name
I Would Describe Myself As
I love bikes and ink and a sexy man with ink on a bike!!! I come from a family who love ink and bikes alike. But I'm not some bimbo to order around and b disrespected! I'll respect my man or any man as long as I get the same. Don't talk down to me or act like u have to DUMB IT DOWN for me, and I won't make u question ur reason for existence! I don't have to carry a knife to cut u up! Treat me like I should have a role and know it, & I'll someone will telling u ur blood type. I'm a queen and it's a king I'm looking for. Not a Lord that's thinks control is the ticket looking like more of a man. A real king makes sure he puts his queen on a pedestal and then he makes sure she's comfortable and weel seen. Don't come at me like some pervert that thinks he's God's gift to women, can at the end of the day, everyone knows, God's gift to women are DILDOS!!! I have some morals and a few values as well, so NO dick pics!! If I want to see it, I'll ask. Show me respect to get it back but don't be stupid jealous if someone appreciates and makes a statement about your queen just so long as it's got class. Be a dick to her and the king will take it to ur ass!! Like the lioness, Don't disrespect her king cause the queen shall stand firm before her king to protect what is hers as well as b proud to prove she's the queen by baring her teeth & claws to see if ur worthy of the kings time . Don't let anyone come between the 2 but the 2 need trust when separated, without it, y try in the 1st place? The kingdom has already fallen before it was secured. A kingdom without trust and honesty is like, a cowboy without a horse and saddle. Nothing more than a sore ass!! So even if my accent is a bit hillbilly, don't forget ur manners, ask urself, would u want ur daughter to go out with a good mannerly, respectful man??, Or a pig in lipstick??? U know u can put lipstick on a pig, & it's still a PIG!! BUT IF U WOULDN'T WANT UR DAUGHTER TO DATE A CONTROLING
DICTATOR, THEN REMEMBER .....IM SOMEBODYS DAUGHTER TOO!!! IM A human being just like u, respect is expected no matter the gender. Be patient and know both ur and her worth. It goes both ways. Protect her and she'll do the same. But know that if u aren't there then the enemy is free to advance. But don't underestimate her abilities either give her some room she may surprise u with her strength and fortitude and her appreciation of wat she's blessed with. I know that everyone is on probation at 1st, trust is earned not a given. This world has been hard and takes a toll on us all, be nice, sometimes, b soft, but never b passive. Show her that ur hers and hers alone and she will not see anyone else but u . That's a given. So don't expect more than u would give and she doesn't have a role she should know either, so equality is the key . Ones not better or more important than the other . It takes two to be a couple but it takes more to b a happy couple. Love isn't cheap but it is the hardest and most valuable thing to come by in a working relationship. B kind to each other!!! And b secure in ur own love don't worry about all those others around u. And think before u act. Don't b stupid cause I know I've spent my lifetime trying to fix stupid and missed out on a life that I was possibly looking for to begin with. U shouldn't have to wear ur biking helmet as protection on ur travels and as protection from unidentified stupid decisions. Don't b a helmet wearing, crayon eating, MORON!!!! APPRECIATE WAT UR BLESSED WITH AND enjoy the ride!!! Right?!?!?! I wish I had listened to myself a LONG LONG TIME AGO... Have fun experiencing life without stupidity. Responsibility should never evade ones mind EVER!!! Every decision has a consequence some just have gotten lucky and never seen them yet, but it catches up with everyone and if ur not behind u'll enjoy alot more....

Appearance & Situation

My Body Type Is
My Height Is
5' 5 (1.65 m)
My Eyes Are
My Ethnicity Is
My Marital Situation Is
Never Married
I Have Kids
Yes - Not At Home
I Want Kids
My Best Feature Is
Body Art
Other, Pierced... But Only Ear(s), Scarred, Visible Tattoo
My Hair Is
I Have One Or More Of These
Cat, Dog, Other
Willing To Relocate

How I Like To Ride

What are you looking for on the site?
Just Friends
Are you part of a biker club?
Do you prefer riding leather or plain clothes?
Plain Clothes
What is your favorite place or road to ride?
Idk anywhere low traffic just cruising
What's your favorite biker event to attend?
What kind of motorcycle(s) do you own?
Which bikes are on your "wish list"?
Lady Harley , I like Honda gold wing like my uncle's.


My Education Level Is
High School Diploma
My Current Employment Status Is
My Speciality Is
My Job Title Is
Roofing Business owner
I Make This Much In A Year
Less Than $14,999USD
I Live
With Pet(s)
At Home
All Is Calm
I'm A Smoker
Yes - Often
I Drink
Yes - Socially


Back In High School, I Was A
Cool Dude
My Social Behavior Is
Observant, Friendly, Comedic, Flirtatious, Outgoing
My Interest And Hobbies Are
Family, Photography, Music, Internet, Clubbing / Bar Hopping, Dancing, Cars, Fishing / Hunting, Camping, Computers
My Idea Of A Great Time Is
Hanging Out With Friends, Partying, Staying At Home, Relaxing, Clubbing / Bars, Going To A Casino, Going To A Concert
An Ideal First Date Would Be
Riding a distance then pull over and find nice place to pic nic and fish then ride or explore quaint lil towns and later watch the stars while laying back listening to running water, a river or so...
I've Always Wanted To Try
My Friends Describe Me As Being
Friendly, Cool, A Flirt