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Live to love and love to laugh! Ikä 45 Kaupungista Corvallis, Oregon . Kirjautunut sisään - Eilen
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Intelligent, stupid, strong, weak, attractive, ugly, rich, poor, old, young, wise, foolish....all these things and more!
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Friends Call Me Tsunami Ikä 49 Kaupungista Oregon City, Oregon . Kirjautunut sisään - Eilen
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My 3 Favorite things to Ride, My Man, Harley's, and Beautiful Horses.
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Dancing Lady Ikä 49 Kaupungista Salem, Oregon . Kirjautunut sisään - Eilen
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fun, outgoing, and caring. Love to listen to live music, dance the night away, spend time with friends and family.
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Faith centered. For God Ikä 55 Kaupungista McMinnville, Oregon . Kirjautunut sisään - Viimeiset 24 Tuntia
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I'm a Minister and all my children are grown .I love life and Family.
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Always wondered what it would be like... Ikä 47 Kaupungista Salem, Oregon . Kirjautunut sisään - Tänään
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As I see it only way to go to bed with a smile and wake up with a smile is to keep things simple. Honesty from the gate on ones feelings should always be heard as well as expressed. I would rather have hurt feelings about what's real then have a hurt...
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